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Kendra Smith is a senior at Spelman College pursuing a bachelor’s degree with a Psychology major and an International Studies minor. She was born in Mobile, AL in a single parent home. Here, she was very timid and rarely spoke to anyone out of her box or did anything outside of her comfort zone. When she relocated to Garland, TX in 2011, she took this opportunity to practice a new way of living. She joined many different organizations such as cheerleading, choir, and the step team to hone in on her artistic abilities while simultaneously allowing her to slowly rise out her shell while focusing on her academics. Now here at Spelman, she is expanding taking the world by storm. She has joined many other organizations and plans to use her networking skills in her pursuit of her goals to become a serial entrepreneur and a catalyst for community innovation and improvement. Striving for equity for all, Kendra is accepting this position at the Innovation Lab in hopes that it provides her the tools and knowhow to take that first step to creating a change that she wishes to see in the world.

Kendra Smith

Triple A Market

Triple A Market will be an online (and soon to be physical) marketplace for all of the Black-owned businesses that do not have advanced technology, big funds, physical exposure, or positive stigma. We will develop a relationship where they will have their clothes, candles, cleaning products, etc. to my store and it be much like a Target, Walmart. etc. with a wide range of products to choose from. The goal is to create a space for African Americans to see, indulge, and feed off of racial advancement as well as to provide much of the customer service, technology, and business assistance that small Black owned businesses lack.

Kendra Smith

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