Innovation Lab Entrepreneurship

Blackstone Launchpad

IN 2021, The Innovation Lab became the home of the Blackstone Launchpad at Spelman College. Due the generosity of the Blackstone Charitable Fund, we have been able to implement Unique expanded programming around entrepreneurship for our Students


Entrepreneurship Fellowship

The centerpiece program of the launchpad. Student entrepreneurs with business experience from prior programming or practical experience have been recruited for the 1st cohort of Spelman X Blackstone Entrepreneurship Fellows. They will be given a $2000 Stipend, Access to signature programming, and mentorship through the startup ecosystem at Spelman, the AUC, and in broader Atlanta Startup ecosystem



A new centralized location for Entrepreneurship on campus is being built out. The space will serve as the meeting space for entrepreneurship organizations and programming on Spelman's Campus as well as a center point of our community of changemakers.


Spelpreneur is a longstanding program focusing on co-curricular entrepreneurship education at Spelman. Spelpreneur typically targets beginners to entrepreneurship. Thanks to Blackstone, we will be able to put together a separate bootcamp targeting more advanced entrepreneurs, like our Blackstone Fellows.  


Blackstone Bootcamp

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Pipeline Support

There are quite a few student organizations focused on entrepreneurship and business on campus, including Entrepreneurs Club, Enactus,  FBLS and SEC.  The launchpad will seek to support these organizations through sponsorship, collaborative programming, and providing use of the Entrepreneurship Hub.