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Born and raised in the city that never sleeps, neither does Krystal Whyms.

When she’s not being Supermom to her two sons, Krystal can often be found throughout Metro Atlanta delivering bottles and jugs of Brown Boys Lemonade, from a bottled beverage business that she co-owns with her 14 year old son. When deliveries have been completed Krystal changes hats and works hard as the Owner/Operator of her newest venture, Alchemist Infusions. As a Cannabis Wellness Professional since 2019, Krystal’s passion for plant medicine and outlook on achieving optimum physical health has helped clients with Diabetes, PTSD and even Severe Chronic Pain.

Krystal has a background in Communications, Journalism and Management. She is proud of being a graduate of the “School of Hard Knocks” as she often refers to her NYC upbringing and vast life experiences which have more than prepared her for her current roles in life today. The transition into Spelman Life has been wonderful, as Krystal looks at the younger women who attend Spelman College as her “little sisters” who she happily gives guidance and advice to.

Krystal  Whyms

Alchemist Infusions

As a Cannabis Wellness Professional, I spend my free time consulting individuals and educating them about the benefits of Cannabis and how they may use the Hemp plant to improve daily living both mentally and physically. I have developed several healthy product options that are legal and safe for both human and animal use. I especially desire to service Black and Brown communities, whom are able to benefit most from plant medicine.

Krystal Whyms

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