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AY2022-23 Unity Gaming Seed Grant

Status:  Application Period Open until 4/1/23

The Spelman Innovation Lab seeks proposals for up to $20,000 of seed funding to startup research incorporating gaming technology.  Gaming is a relatively new academic discipline that, in recent years, has matured into a recognized area of scholarship and research. 

Gaming Seed Grant

AY2021-22 Faculty Mini-Grants

Status:  Round 2 Application Period Closed


The Spelman Innovation Lab has the objective of promoting interdisciplinary ideation, creation, design and making, particularly when such activity has a significant technical component.  Innovation Lab Mini Grant Program offers faculty support for developing new teaching or for carrying out a project in the Innovation Lab that supports the Lab's goals of promoting interdisciplinary ideation, creation, design and making.  Mini-grant proposals will fall into one of two tracks:

  • Track A grants provide a fixed amount of $3000 for course development.

  • Track B grants provide up to $5000 to support Innovation Lab projects.

Faculty Mini-Grants

Reserve The Lab


The Innovation Lab is a space for learning and pedagogical exploration that can become an extension of your classroom.  The space can be reserved for an hour, a day and, in some cases, an entire semester, depending on your class needs.  The Lab is a resource for student projects and offers new possibilities for concretizing classroom concepts.

​Small groups of 10-12 students can come to the reserved Lab to 

  • leverage it to complete a class assignment or project

  • receive targeted training on specific equipment

  • receive an overview on the capabilities of the Lab


In all cases, Innovation Lab staff will be present to assist as needed.  You do not need to have the skills your students may need to acquire to complete a given assignment.

Past users of the lab have included classwork from the Math, Music, Anthropology, CS and AVC Departments.

Reserve The Lab

Host a Workshop


It's no surprise that the faculty and staff have talents and hobbies outside of the academy.  Why not share these with the Spelman students?  Innovation Lab workshops are a great way to spend an hour introducing students to new areas of creation.  Whether it is knitting, woodworking, gaming, producing videos with cell phones, developing mobile apps, or fashion design, consider hosting a workshop for students in the Innovation Lab.

Host a Workshop

Class Visitations & Guest Lectures


Can't come to the Lab?  The Lab can come to you!

The Innovation Lab has a limited seating capacity.  It cannot accommodate a large class.  In such cases, you can request a classroom visit where a member of the Innovation Lab staff will come to your classroom.  The purpose of such a visit is typically to provide students with an overview of the capabilities of the Lab or to provide student training on a specific topic or resource in the Lab.  A classroom visit may be a good option to prepare students for coursework that may involve use of the Lab outside of class time. 

Class Visitation
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