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Using the Innovation Lab

Below, you will find  a few examples of how some faculty members have advantageously made use of the Lab to supplement the materials covered in their existing classes.

Instrument Making

A Music course leveraged the Innovation Lab to teach principles of instrument acoustics by having students build instruments and experiment with materials, shape, sound hole placement, etc.

Students built original instruments and experimented with reproducing existing instruments like kalimbas.

Visualizing 3D Surfaces

The Math department has used the Innovation Lab to fabricate difficult to visualize 3D surfaces.  This materialization of 3D surfaces is an aid to understanding.

Free Ideation / Problem Solving

The Innovation Lab, through a series of classroom visits, led a group of Anthropology students through a series of rapid-ideation, free-thinking exercises targeting solutions to difficult societal and global challenges including water-recourse shortages, food insecurity and pollution.

Such exercises aim to push students beyond conventional thinking and to explore what might be possible when traditional approaches are set aside.


A CS course in Robotics leveraged the Innovation Lab and tasked students with building a self-parking car.

AVC Classes

The Department of Art and Visual Culture (AVC) conducts two courses in the Innovation Lab.​

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