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Faculty Champions

Our Faculty Champtions are amazing faculty allies and supporters of the Lab. These individuals have participated in several Innovation Lab projects and initiatives and continue to be supporters of ongoing activities in the Lab. 

Dr. Jaye Nias

Assistant Professor of Computer Science 

Dr. Nias has run several research organizations out of the Lab including DOPE Data Art Collective. Her most recent interests include deep dives into virtual worlds in Minecraft.


Human Computer Interaction

Future Fashion

Data Visualization

Physical Computing

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tiffany oliver.PNG

Dr. Tiffany Oliver

Associate Professor of Biology

Dr. Oliver has participated on several Innovation Lab projects, many sponsored by the DOD for intercampus competitions like the Bio Drone Project. 




Dr. Christopher Oakley

Assistant Professor of Physics

Dr. Oakley is Physic's Faculty and enthusiastic Gamer. He teaches Game Theory in lab, apart of our new game design and development minor. Dr Oakley's Research Interests include using game engines to model complex physical phenomena and experiencing them in VR. 


Gamified STEM Education

Game Theory

Mixed Reality Physics Education

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