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My name is Cheyenne Henry, and I am a sophomore biology major from Long Island, New York. I hope to achieve a Ph.D. in Health equity and social justice upon graduation from Spelman. My business interests lie in health disparities and technology. I hope to aid in diminishing health disparities through my business as well as, conducting research on health advancement and development in populations disproportionately affected by diseases. My goal is to facilitate change by working in underserved communities, using my future research to improve our healthcare system for the entire population.

Cheyenne Henry


EDquity aims to diminish health disparities and promotes health equity by tackling the main source of the issue: education. EDquity is an online DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion) course service for healthcare colleges and universities. It is designed to be an easy solution for colleges and universities looking to incorporate Implicit Bias and Health Equity training with their medical students (i.e nursing and physician assistant students as well).

Cheyenne Henry

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