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Hi! My name is Jada Mason, and I am a junior Computer Science Major. I am currently living in Atlanta, Georgia. I have always been drawn to gaming, because of how in depth some storylines go, how amazing the art and graphics are, and the atmosphere every part of the game creates. Games are meant for both entertainment and sometimes relaxation, and my goal is to create a game where everyone can enjoy themselves, have some laughs, and go on an adventure! I am also wanting to bring more inclusion into my game. Most games might have only one or two people of color as a playable character or in their gaming world, but I am making a diverse game, full of different people of color, genders, and sexualities.

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My project is of an RPG game with a more sci-fi adventure story. I am using the application RPG Maker MZ for its main creation. I think my challenges when creating the game will be making sure there is a fully developed, enjoyable, and intriguing storyline, along with making sure each of the challenges/battles I put into the game are of course playable (When it comes to the creation of boss fights and mini battles). My challenge would be to get 3/4ths of the way done by the end of the school year, because there are many things that go into making the gaming atmosphere, like eliminating the bugs, adding/creating the right variables for the player's battles and items, making the world within the game consistent, etc. Another challenge I would like to take on is getting more people to test/play the parts of the game I already have running, so adding some social media presents for it.

Jada Mason

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