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Hello! My name is Madeleine Brown, and I am from Dallas, Texas. I'm a junior Computer and Information Sciences major with a minor in Mathematics. I am also a Pre-Calculus II math Peer Tutor. Video games have been a part of my life for as much as I can remember, and they are a part of the reason that I chose to become a computer scientist. Women are largely underrepresented in the game community and in the STEM field. As a woman myself, I want to be a part of the force that helps bring representation into the community. I want to use my education in computer science to grow as a female game developer and pave the way for other women.

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Tasty Racing Continued

Tasty Racing is a 3D third person racing game created using the Unity Engine. Black characters are not widely present in most video games today. This game will provide a fun racing experience as well as an array of diverse characters.

Madeleine Brown

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