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My name is Makayla Moore, and I am a first-year biochemistry major. My interests are in biotechnology, biophysics, biological design, and the many practical and artistic applications in these fields. Outside of biology, I'm also a visual arts creator. My disciplines include painting, sculpture, and fashion design. I especially enjoy creating art from unconventional materials to exhibit how beautiful things can truly come from many forms. I've been creating garments for over 10 years and have 5 years of experience working in a sewing boutique. I'm excited to create my newest fashion line in the Spelman Innovation Lab, which will combine traditional fashion with 3D-printed elements.

woman_silhouette small.png


Bastet is a haute couture fashion line that combines elements of traditional dressmaking with 3D printed pieces. With 3D printer technology, shapes that were formerly limited to the imagination can be brought to life on the human silhouette. Each piece in this collection will feature a different color, portraying the beauty of monochromacy and the power of creativity within constraints.

Makayla Moore

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