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Hi, I'm Michelle Ukiwe, a sophomore chemistry major, film and visual studies minor here are Spelman. I'm from Portland, OR & Fayetteville, GA! My hobbies include painting and reading, and I love learning about current issues and innovations in science along with learning how to make new things. I'm very excited to be a gaming fellow!

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Camelot: Arthur's Origin

My project is a video game told from the perspective of Arthur Pendragon, a young squire who recently became prince of Camelot and goes on a series of quests to prove himself worthy to be the next king. The play will have to fight a series of challengers and solve puzzles, leading up to the final boss Mordred. Challenges to completion will be getting graphics done along with backgrounds. Challenges to completion will also include properly using software. Though I have made a game and coded before, I anticipate using software for this being more challenging because it is a full game. I anticipate the game could be finished around March

Michelle Ukiwe

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