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My name is Sydney Dinkins. I am a first-year health science major from Atlanta, Georgia, and I am the owner and creator of “Eunoia” by essence. I am an artist so at heart, I thoroughly enjoy creating. Visual arts such as painting, and drawing have always been a part of my hobbies but creating jewelry pieces ignited a new passion and form for me to express my creativity. I became fascinated with the beauty of small pieces coming together to make a single beautiful creation whether that be in the form of waist beads, bracelets, or necklaces. These creations that I made in turn enhanced my ability to express myself and maintain confidence. The Spelman Innovation Lab would grant me the ability to further my creation of these pieces so that others would too be able to indulge in the benefits of wearing jewelry that resonates with them.

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"Eunoia" by Essence

The word Eunoia by definition means a pure well-balanced mind, a good spirit. Eunoia is an accessory company that specializes in jewelry that will allow people to embrace their creativity and confidence all while obtaining positive energies and creating a condition of well being. Sydney began this journey of creating jewelry the summer before her junior year of High School. Throughout the year, she struggled with various hardships following the pandemic lockdown that lead to substantial impacts on her mental health. She found that as she continued to create jewelry pieces, it was stress and anxiety relieving. Each of the crystals and beads in the jewelry have a significant meaning that may call your attention and resonate with you in different ways. We hope that the pieces you choose to buy acknowledge your past experiences, your future wishes, and enhance how you carry yourself now. While wearing the jewelry, we hope that you wear them with a smile and feel the utmost beauty and confidence.

Sydney Dinkins

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