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Innovation Lab

Game Studies Research Program

The Innovation Lab Game Studies Research Program (GSRP)  supports faculty-student collaborations that leverage gaming technology for research in the liberal arts and the sciences.  Use of AR, VR, desktop, console and  mobile platforms and other gaming technologies developed for storytelling, social simulations, historic reconstructions, art projects, education, scientific exploration, simulations and other scholarly goals are among qualifying projects.  Please contact the program director ( if you are unsure if your research project fits the criteria.

A GSRP award supports student researchers with a variable stipend for a minimum of two semesters or 100 hours of work.  The award is renewable until program funds are exhausted.  The award does not offer faculty support and has limited funds for materials.  In many cases, projects can be completed with freely available software resources or with materials and equipment that can be borrowed from the Innovation Lab.


Qualifying research programs must involve a faculty advisor and at least one student.  Project objectives must be well-defined, but the projects may be "faculty-guided" only, meaning that amassing the necessary know-how to accomplish the research objectives may require the student researcher to be resourceful in acquiring the needed skills through on-line tutorials, on-line courses, experimenting, etc.  The GSRP compensates students for up-skilling time as well as time-on-task for the project they are working on.  Student researchers are required to complete a weekly time log of their activity in order to receive payment.  Stipends are issued monthly and are calculated at $20 for each logged hour, subject to advisor approval.

Applications for the GSRP are accepted on a rolling-basis through the application portal.  Interested faculty-student teams are encouraged to contact the program director with questions prior to submitting.  Please notify the program director upon submitting your application.

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